Thursday, 17 May 2012


A big yawn to you all. I'm not really in a mood to be articulate today. Let's just get on with the round up:

  1. Theoretically, all electromagnetic waves can be refracted. The amount of refraction naturally depends on the wavelength and it's been very hard to see any such effect on gamma rays. Not anymore. Researchers have managed to bend gamma radiation, with many possible applications in technology.
  2. This one's for movie buffs. Here's a rare picture of the impressive gamut of stars MGM was once proud to possess. (1943)
  3. A link for the increasing number of committed friends around me. A list of 42 ways to break up. (Warning: The list is huge. I haven't gone through the entire thing myself)
  4. On to football now. I'm not sure how many people know about it because I haven't seen any talk or discussion. John Terry's photo was used by the Indian Health Ministry in its quit smoking graphic on all cigarette packs produced in India. Let the jokes roll.
That's about it. The week has been consumed by my BTP and all that lack of sleep has turned me into a wreck. I hope I can post something apart from an HWR next time. 



  1. .The JT photo was all over FB if I remember correctly but there wasn't much hullabaloo about it on twitter
    .Good to see that you follow kottke ,picked it up from the Annual blog awards did you too ?

    1. JT is a class act man. He's always there in the British tabloids. This time he had the lungs to get himself in India.

      Well spotted- I got kottke through the Annual Blog Awards, though slightly indirectly (through someone else's retweet). It's a really foki website.

  2. very entertainment based, this weeks roundup, not much for me here.
    bw, Kottke rocks.