Thursday, 1 August 2013

HWR - 8

All it takes is some blood from your tonsils, dizziness and an excruciatingly painful throat to sit patiently in front of the laptop and write a few sentences.

Welcome to Haaris' Weekly Round-up:

  1. A crisp case for shale gas and its future. No environmental speculation please.
  2. I won't go into the Sen-Bhagwati debate. You can have a field day reading about it on the net. Instead, I offer some speculation why Bhagwati may not win the Nobel, ever. Again, don't pick sides. Yet.
  3. It took money to open people's eyes in accepting anthropomorphic climate change. Insurance money.
  4. Time to bring out your debating books. Zeus could have been alive; he might still be there.
And that's a wrap.

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