Friday, 5 September 2014

HWR - 11

Haaris' Weekly Round-up is back up and running. I can sense the groans from the back-alleys of Facebook already. If there was ever a written feature that had a shambolic history of laziness behind it, I would be gutted if that wasn't HWR.

  1. A great article on the stringers that get the nine racquets of Federer ready. And for Djokovic and Murray.
  2. The maddening urge to continuously check one's email has followed me to A. An article that argues against this monstrosity.
  3. The great but senile Ed Wilson wants to set aside half of the world for the other species of the planet. Is that possible?
  4. A great piece on how the great statistician R A Fischer devised a wonderful experiment to test a person's claim of knowing whether milk was poured before or after the tea. Courtesy Prof Apratim Guha.
The promise is renewed. The dirty slate is wiped to its former pristine self once more. I will return next time with a new edition of HWR. Really, I will.

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