Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The End of Quizzing as I Know It

Last day of Chaos brought to completion what was probably the last General Quiz I would sit through in a long while. A journey that started by Lalitray Ma'am's kind push into an inter-school contest took me across the length and breadth of the country - literally, metaphorically and figuratively. Nihilanth brought me to A, C and L before I even thought about completing an MBA (I still have no idea why I'm doing it to be honest). I went to tier-IV towns hunting for moolah. I made great friends on the way - many of them much younger or older than me. All this brought laurels and prestige. I've had the privilege of winning in every quizzing arena I've ever attended. I've also had many memories as an audience member enjoying the questions yet all the while suppressing the dull pain and torment of not qualifying.

So it's extremely jarring to imagine a life without this beautiful endeavour. This sport of mental endurance and undemocratic superiority. I don't know where I am going but I do know that nothing will match the happiness and exuberance of winning 500 rupees by tentatively working out a few answers and pouncing on them with your tongue between your teeth. Collegiate quizzing can never return.

Sure, there'll be a bunch of business quizzes soon and I can imagine some tournaments are still to be hosted by other campuses in Ahmedabad. But frankly the overpowering sense of an ending is undeniable.

Nihilanth (I apologize to the reader for my incoherence and the return to this particular event) took me exclusively to the IIM campuses - A, B, C, I and L. In my last appearance in the holy tournament I was on stage more times than ever before in the past. Not winning this time hurt but more than that I am overcome by the mischievous and, I fear, slowly soul-possessing prospect of coming back as a PhD student. It's only fair...

We won the General Quiz today. It feels great to sign off with a win. There were questions I should have answered (Rhodes island, stent and what not) but I guess I have to let it pass.

I won 3166.66 INR in Chaos this year (my personal stash after the customary division process). Money may never have as much value as with this little loot.

Till we meet again. Thank you for everything


  1. I noticed your name on the chat-list, and came to your blog - expecting just what I got! A throwback to quizzing. I was lame during my days at R, and I couldn't manage the time while at XL (poor grades...et al).

    But 2 things I can safely concur with you on - it's difficult to get over the addiction/attraction. Even as one who merely pondered after the answers were shone/shown bright....I find the engagement unparalleled. Ok, maybe rivaled by playing football.

    And second - quite obviously, the elephant in the room: Why MBA? :P

    1. And also maybe - the quaint lure of returning/continuing as a student: even if it means pursuing a PhD! :P :)

    2. The MBA was an outcome of personal circumstances I cannot fathom to explain in this thread. Let's just say: it happened.
      And the PhD dream is still alive. I'll get there, sooner than later I guess!
      How are you and what's going on, Baridhi? Long time