Monday, 28 March 2016

Abandoned tweets

I waste a huge amount of time on a daily basis. Dozens of assignments may lie unattended and I will persist in the gloriously hedonistic pursuit of procrastination. What do I do? I don't watch any shows - I am yet to even watch Friends. I like John Oliver a lot but that's a weekly affair and I've exhausted all his previous episodes. I used to also do this:

For a very long time, all of this engulfed my life. Until I felt disillusioned by it and soon started blogging on that as well.

No, that's not what I am doing when I am wasting time these days. All I do is indulge in the remarkably prosaic habit of reading again only this time I am reading everything there is to read on the internet as well. I admit it's not even remotely a habit to mention out loud; we take many tabs opened with long reads to be a norm. But I protest. I am reading a lot...much beyond what should be healthy.

Beyond a point though you don't know what you should do with all the new found information. It's to be perfectly blunt and honest useless. It's not going to be absorbed in a very structured way and therefore you can't expertly quote it in a gathering of knowledgeable folks without getting stuck in the cross fire of counter questions.

So what I did was to pseudo-share it on twitter. What that means is I wrote the tweet draft and then looked at it for a day intermittently between whatever else I was doing. And then I generally decided it was not worth anyone else's time and ccp'ed it on a notepad.

The notepad is now several pages long and this is is me thinking "the heck I'll just put it up in one place". Faithful followers of this blog (you should be ashamed of yourselves!) would recall and snidely comment that this is just a rehash of an HWR. It might be but that was five articles in a week (actually a month). This, my friend, is something very different: it includes stand-alone thoughts as well.


After a month of procrastination, I realized no one would read the links anyway; then again I had to publish something so this is what you are reading. I am sorry