Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Next Gen in Tennis

It's getting progressively more difficult deciding who to support in the future: Thiem, Kyrgios or Zverev? All three are already poised to win multiple Majors with Kyrgios looking the most invincible when on song, which is sadly still very rare. If he does manage to rein in his head, I figure he can win as many as 8 Slams.

My personal favorite, though, is Thiem. I love his single handed backhand and his forehand packs quite the punch. In the future post-Federer era (2019 on), it would be nice to see some good tennis without the burden of reflexively flinching at every lost point or experiencing a sense of devastation on losing a match that should've been won.

That does seem to be the bright side of supporting a player over a team. Your support has a shelf life.