Sunday, 10 September 2017

Notable Book of the Year 2016: The Three-Body Problem

One of my favorite Hindi songs is Jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega. You know where I am going with this...

Or also, directly from the book
"But Ye had the mental habits of a scientist, and she refused to forget."
Wrapping up this belabored edition of Notable Books is Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem. It's a book that combines the contemporary history of China with a well utilized toolbox of cutting edge science research (with the usual liberties that push the envelope) to send the reader on a suspenseful and melancholic journey.

I have written before on the virtues of Science Fiction; about why it isn't categorized, typically, as Art in the world of literature by more established and conventional cliques.

I refrain from explaining much about the plot. If, by now, you've already checked the book's description somewhere you know but in case you haven't, DON'T DO IT. Buy it in good faith - not my own; the book won the Hugo Award last year.

Read the book and as I noted in Goodreads, experience the feeling of tension as the plot unravels and the individual streams connect to form a grand over-arching narrative.

I've already made this post very late so I'll end here. The Three-Body Problem is a trilogy and yours truly is already in the middle of the second part.


(This concludes a series of 5 posts on the best books I read through the year 2016. The last ones dealt with fictionnon-fiction,  comic books/graphic novels and the first one was an Autobiographical work. Follow me at

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