About me

My name is Haaris and I am a PhD student in Economics at Columbia University. Having previously been at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Roorkee, I had the option between an MBB consulting firm and an admission to the world of academia. I happily chose the latter option - thus preventing a very likely mid-life crisis. (Or maybe simply switched mid-life crises?!)

Through a life that has been pock-marked by the occasional painful failure, I have found solace in good books, art and music; in the company of some very close friends.

I idolize people who are not only successful (a thoroughly unremarkable and statistically necessary set) but those who do things beautifully. As a direct consequence, I will always pick Roger over Rafa. I follow icons by the same basic rule in every domain known to mankind.

This blog is up for massive renovation and will hopefully be re-launched on August 18th!

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